Firefly’s Space Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Firefly Aerospace SUV Payload User's Guide



Harnessing the benefits of high-performance solar electric propulsion, Firefly’s Space Utility Vehicle (SUV) takes your payload to orbits a small launch vehicle could never access before. By means of the in-space propulsive third stage, uplink/downlink services, and up to 2 kW of solar power, SUV is capable of satisfying a wide variety of mission architectures that last up to 5 years.

Potential applications:

  • Deploy entire constellations or multiple payloads into unique orbits
  • Reach altitudes and inclinations out of range of a launch vehicle
  • Sustain super low altitude flight as low as 250 km
  • Provide a host platform for payloads requiring propulsion, power, and downlink
  • Tune orbits for launch vehicles using solid rocket motors