Firefly Gamma

  • Future Vision Reusable Vehicle
  • Gamma represents the world’s most versatile launch vehicle
  • Rocket plane
    • Infuses modern aerospace technologies in a reusable vehicle
    • Utilizes Alpha and Beta–derived technologies to reduce cost, schedule and risk
  • Optional air launch or ground launch configuration
  • Brings order of magnitude launch cost reductions to industry
  • Potential for hypersonic transport on Earth
  • Highly reusable — 75% (by cost) of flight hardware to be recovered and reused in later flights
    • Innovative 2–stage design
  • Highly differentiated to SpaceX / Blue Origin
    • Dedicated small sat launch solution
    • Horizontal landing (on runway) — use any airport
    • Safer & significantly more efficient than propulsive vertical landing


Firefly Gamma
  • Uniform leading edge geometry
  • Tip fin control surface
  • Leading edge TPS
  • First surface TPS
  • Second surface TPS

Inner Construction Details

Firefly Gamma
  • Payload fairing
  • Standard 62.01” payload adapter
  • Second stage tankage
  • 2X First stage aerospike engine
  • Cross fed second stage engine
  • First stage fuel tank
  • 2X First stage LOX tank
  • 5,000 kg payload
  • Second stage